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IRIS.TV and Telaria Execute Contextual and Brand-safe Ad Targeting for Programmatic Video


June 19, 2019

Path set for precise and safe video ad targeting in a privacy-first, post GDPR and CCPA world

Marketers need to optimize the reach and frequency of their ads but are coming up against the increased scrutiny over user privacy and advertising brand-safety issues faced by the media and technology industry. With a cookieless digital media environment upon us, the industry is not yet prepared to provide scalable solutions.

There are three major issues the industry has to contend with. Here is what’s really going on:

  1. Increased Government Regulation: Last year, the GDPR legislation in the EU pioneered the privacy protection movement globally, limiting when and how companies can collect and process user data. After more than a decade of technology companies scraping users’ consumption data through cookies in browsers, and building robust audience segments to be leveraged for their benefit, governments stepped in. Large businesses built on the back of 3rd-party cookie data saw huge percentages of their audience data disappear overnight. The trend continues with the impending CCPA legislation in California that aims to protect user privacy and provide consumers with more control over how and when their data is shared. The question now for advertisers, publishers and data providers alike is – what targeting capabilities can we use to ensure that digital advertising spend is placed effectively while respecting user privacy?
  2. Video is Not the Same as Display: Contextual and brand-safe ad targeting, powered by the likes of Oracle Data Cloud, Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify, has reemerged with the inception of GDPR. With cookies disappearing, marketers are aligning their advertising to topics they believe are relevant to their brand message. Importantly, contextual and brand-safety solutions in the market today are derived by analyzing a web page and its article text to determine its overall categorization, a pixel methodology widely adopted by both the buy and sell sides for collecting browser data. This solution is not compatible with video. In order to understand the actual video content, one has to pull content from the publisher’s content management system and analyze each video individually. How can we ensure that video advertising is aligned to topics that are relevant and safe?
  3. Scalability: The explosive growth in OTT video viewing means many publishers are investing heavily where the eyeballs are. As brands continue to spend ad dollars on programmatic video advertising, they need to be able to verify the inventory for brand-safety and contextual alignment at scale. The current market cannot be supported adequately. How can marketers reach target audience at scale in video, in the appropriate context, without breaching user privacy restrictions all while ensuring brand safety?

Within this context, IRIS.TV created a solution to access and analyze individual videos directly from publishers’ content management systems and provide those categories to programmatic buyers. IRIS.TV’s recently launched Contextual Ad Targeting for Video solution enables the creation and execution of contextual data through programmatic video channels. These capabilities are now available in market with IRIS.TV’s first official supply-side-platform partner Telaria. Utilizing Telaria’s leading Video Management Platform buyers can curate and execute private marketplace deals across Telaria and IRIS.TV’s publisher partners. Telaria will give premium video publishers the ability to present video inventory using both contextual and brand-safety segmentations, enabling brands to reach their target  audiences through relevant programming.

“Programmatic video advertising is complex and, given the ongoing issues with transparency and brand-safety, ensuring that video advertising is contextually aligned and safe will be essential to the ecosystem going forward. This is a big step forward in that quest,” commented Martin Cass, CEO of MDC Partners and Assembly Media.

“Publishers and advertisers can now match premium content with relevant video advertising in real-time and across multiple platforms, ensuring a better overall experience for the viewer,” said Mike Fisher, Vice President of Advanced TV & Video, MediaMath. “Our new solution ensures a more engaged and valuable audience for publishers, while advertisers enjoy better targeting and control of their message.”

To learn more about these contextual ad targeting and brand-safety solutions, please reach out to your Telaria representative or get in touch at vmp@telaria.com.

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